Conferences & Events


All India Students’ Conference on Science and Spiritual Quest, a series of continuing events

Gifford Lectures, a series of continuing events

Science & Faith: Friends or Foes?, a series of continuing events

Science, Religion and Lunch seminar (North Dakota State University), a series of continuing events, next events 4, 11, 18, and 25 October 2016; for more information contact Davis Cope (

Westminster Conference on Science & Faith, a series of continuing events

International Symposium for Contemplative Studies, a series of continuing events, next event 10–13 November 2016

Recent Past

Early Modern Women on Metaphysics, Religion and Science, 21–23 March 2016

Malvern Science and Faith Weekend, 4–6 March 2016

International Association for the History of Religions congress (includes panel on the ‘scientification of religion,’ of which I chair), 23–29 August 2015

International Congress on Science and/or Religion: A 21st Century Debate, 27–29 August 2015

Congress of International Committee of Historical Sciences (includes theme on religion and science in Christian history), 27–28 August 2015

New Technologies and Religious Communities, 4–5 June 2015

Science & Religion Seminar (for Catholic high school teachers), 14–19 June 2015

Science and Personal Action: Human and Divine, 17–18 July 2015

Dying Without Deity, Perspectives on Death and Dying Symposium, 10–11 April 2015

Perceptions: Science and Religious Communities, 13 March 2015

International Convention of Psychological Science (includes theme on origins and functions of religion in psycho-scientific perspective), 12–14 March 2015

Neuroscience and Religious Studies Conference, 26 February–1 March 2015

Evolution Weekend, 13–15 February 2015

Explaining and Explaining Away in Science and Religion, 8–9 January 2015 (contact for more information)

Society for the Scientific Study of Religion Annual Meeting, 31 October–2 November 2014

International Symposium for Contemplative Studies, 30 October–2 November 2014

Matter & Meaning: Exploring the Religion-Science Dialogue, 24 October 2014

Science and Nonduality, 23–27 October 2014

Conflict or Mutual Enrichment? Why Science & Theology Need to Talk, 20 October 2014

Islamic Bio-Ethics: A Partnership Between Religion and Science, 2 October 2014

Science and Religion in a Globalizing World, 2–9 August 2014

Religion and Pluralities of Knowledge, 11–15 May 2014

Cognitive Science of Religion, Philosophy and Theology, 9–11 May 2014

Clergy Contributions to Science, 18 February 2014 (contact:

Scientism: All You Need Is Science? Science and Our Multifaceted Knowledge of Reality, 23–25 January 2014