1408767_87215604Tracking my PhD research as it unfolds is one of the main goals of this blog. Beyond this, it shares the same aim as my PhD project: to gain some perspective on our perspectives. Rather than focus on a particular conception of the religion, science, and philosophy relationship, this blog explores the wide array of constructs we apply to different systems of knowledge and how those constructs determine our interpretation of the relationships between them. The hope is that such exploration will lead to knowledge unbound by the fetters of presupposition and the unreflective, socially constructed borders between systems of thought that accompany them. Multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary,  and moving beyond the binaries that this very terminology indicates, the purpose of this blog is to open and free knowledge for the sake of knowledge and for the promotion of cooperation, compassion, understanding, pluralism, and progress.

Check out my first blog post, “A View from Everywhere,” for more information.