Who I Am

c5b9e939307e9ec5fbf9befd7078eccdLaura Jean Vollmer

East Asian Studies, MA
Religion and Culture, MRes
Religion and Science, PhD student

Editor, writer, researcher, and professional student, I live and breathe religion, science, and philosophy, except when my mouth is obstructed by steak or donuts. This is not simply my profession, but my passion.

I have training in religion and ideological philosophies, the social sciences, area studies, history, philosophy of science, and philosophy of mind. I am also well versed in the natural sciences and their histories, particularly physics and the cognitive sciences, and socio-cultural perspectives on medicine and health.

My primary research interests lie in the socio-cultural, historical, and philosophical production of knowledge systems.

Check out my staff profile page at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, Department of Comparative Study of Religion, University of Groningen.

You can also find me on academia.edu.